SNOWball 500

Over Road Only Condenser

  • Slim -line
  • Light Weight
  • Improved load volume
  • Aero dynamic
  • Robust Construction
  • UV resistant
  • Application

    The refrigearation system will refrigerate insulated bodies as tabulated.

    Note :

    In Order to ensure the correct application, ambient temperature, body insulation and number of door openings must be taken into consideration. Please consult your Transfrig dealer before final selection.

    General design concept :

    The transferring “R” series are split two-piece units for fresh application on LDV’s, small trucks and panel vans.

    The roof or bulkhead mount condenser frame is manufactured from epoxy powder coated stainless steel and the evaporator from aluminum and stainless steel.


    Truck engine driven only or truck engine with electric standby. Over road refrigeration is by means if a compressor driven directly off the vehicle crankshaft and is available in 12 or 24 volts. Electric standby is available with a choice of 220v 1 phase or 380v 3 phase.

    Electric standby motor

    Snowball 500 -220/1 Phase hz 2,2 kW

    Snowball 600 -220/3 Phase hz 2,2 kW


    Snowball 500 – 7 cylinder 130cm3

    Snowball 600 – 7 cylinder 150cm3


    A constant airflow is provided by electric evaporator fans.


    Thermostatically controlled hot gas defrost.

    Simple operations

    The required temperature is set on the thermostat. The control changes automatically to the over road system when the truck ignition is switched on and to the electric standby when the electric mains cable is plugged in and switched on.

    Ozone friendly refrigerant

    Zero ODP R134a or R404a.



    (including installation kit)