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The 134a Eco friendly air Conditioning System

Van cool is a customer driven, world-leading manufacturer and provider of Climate control products for recreational, Marine, passenger Vehicles.
Vancool offers a complete range of mobile air conditioning systems, that makes leisure life more comfortable away from home.

Van COOL crates innovative climate control products that are all about your needs – how you and your family enjoy life’s adventures in comfort.

We know cool! Our full line of air conditioners and heat pumps keep you and your family comfortable during all your RV adventures. No matter what nature sends your way, you will enjoy life better with Vancool climate control products.

Van cool products are sold in almost 50 countries and are produced mainly in Vancool’s Own production facilities.


Vancool products to improve climate control

R vee models :

Easy-to-reach controls, fully adjustable louvers, reusable filter and three-speed blower make it a breeze to deliver just the right amount of air with this traditional style ADB.


Analog : Heating and cooling systems are easily controlled from one convenient location with the easy-to-install analog thermostat. Available in three models it operates automatically or manually and works with standard or ducted rooftop or basement installations.


Combine set-and-forget operation with a large digital display to put maximum cooling control literally at your fingertips. For air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces, it offers a new level of comfort and convenience.


This electronic, digital system provides zoned climate control for as many as four areas within the coach – all from a digital control panel. It’s Ideal for multi-room and slide-out floor plan configurations.


Our system collects airborne particles on anti-microbial washable filter fibers.

Available for ducted systems, its low profile provides maximum overhead clearance, and adjustable louvers direct air where it’s needed.


We build products that provide a life of comfort for all people, away from home. Demand VanCool when you want quality products for your RV, and rest as sued there are backed by the strongest warranties in the business. You will find that mosy VanCool products carry a 3-years protection plus limited warranty that includes parts and freight coverage for a full 3 years and 2 years on the labour. You can also purchase extended service contracts for all our climate control products that provide up to 6 full years of parts, labour and fright coverage.

See your VanCool dealer for complete details on the product that interest you most.

VanCool Refrigeration: A Style and size for every RV and way of life.

VanCool Climate Control: A full-line of options of heat and cool your RV.

CFC free R 134a Pre Charged, Single Packaged Precise Climate Control Unit – Just Fit & Forget……

R vee Rooftop

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Whether your RV adventures take you to the frigid north or the sweltering south, R vee rooftop units are all you need for heating and cooling. Our low amp power models draw means you can run other appliances and still have power to spare. Quite three-speed blowers deliver the volume of air you desire. That’s the right amount of cooling with no noise intrusion.

Need convenience and hands off operation. When outside temperatures drop below 35 degrees, the heat pump automatically turns off and switches to the gas furnace, giving you uninterrupted comfort. VanCool thinking at its best.

With its high, 15,000 BTU output, the R vee Heat Pump delivers all the climate Control you need.

Producing 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs, this all-electric, 155-volt air conditioner saves On your LP gas in warmer weather.


Effective operation when incoming power in less than ideal.

It even operates with a smaller on-board generator.

With the standard 14-inch vent opening, you can easily install an Air Distribution Box to control the airflow.

For your : Mobile Dental, Medical Vans Control posts, Vanity Vans, Ambulances, Site Offices, Toll & Watchman Booths, Portable Cabins & Facilities, Telecom Shelters, On site Construction Offices, Mezzanine cabins, Fishing Trawlers, Boats, Yatch, Make shift Schools, Off Shore Facilities, Ships.